Current Projects

  • The Change Making Media Lab just completed a project called A KNEE UP. The video is here on our site and another example of the use of Entertainment-Education to motivate behavior change. In this case the dramedy is about dealing with pain and a family intervention to encourage knee replacement. This short film just won an award at The International Film Festival on Environment and Health.
  • CMML participated in an NIH grant to compare the effectiveness of dramatic narrative vs fact based informational documentary in motivating behavior. CMML made two movies – Tamale Lesson and Its Time – both having the same facts, and the social scientists then took the videos and compared them for relating information and motivating behavior.  The published subsequent research on the films showed that the drama was equal to the informational in the viewer’s learning facts and was statistically more effective in motivating behavior change.  This research makes a significant change in the way narratives and dramas can be used by health organizations.  The movies received the Multi Media Award from the American Public Health Association.


  • CMML has produced a series of videos for the Brain and Creative Institute
  • CMML has made two videos for TreePeople demonstrating ways cities can preserve water.  These videos have been shown to mayors across the country and to city counsels in Europe and Australia, and Water and The City was a runner up in an environmental film festival.
  • CMML has made three videos for The Doe Fund in New York which is the most successful organization working with the homeless.
  • CMML has made 5 videos for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and the Democracy School which builds sustainable communities by assisting people to assert their right to local self-government and the rights of nature.

CMML has made videos for Bioneers which advances holistic education for global social, cultural and environmental issues by identifying progressive yet nature-honoring solutions to rising challenges of instability, inequality, and unsustainable growth.

  • CMML has put on conferences at USC on social media issues including one on films from Israel and Palestine exploring the issues there and how cinema effects them.

CMML’s project called WELL PLAYED for the School of Psychiatry is about kids with ADHD.  This video has been shown in Beijing and Vienna to conferences of concerned professionals and has won 2 first prize awards at film festivals.