Core Design

Creating Cinema – Develop and producing videos on health, environment, community advocacy/engagement, and social justice

Making Synergies Among Allied Fields – Convene and leverage practitioners and researchers from multiple disciplines including media production, education, sociology, communications, public health, cultural anthropology, clinical/cognitive/media psychology, marketing, visual design, multi-media technology, entertainment education, and community activism

Researching Cinematic Elements – Looking at the interrelationships between the components of cinematic media and human behavior:

  • Stylistic Media Variables – how do the elements of the narrative, dramatic theory, documentary styles, animation techniques, performance, design, editing, sound and music, interactive media, and new digital techniques all effect viewer reactions
  • Human Variables – age, gender, race/ethnicity, culture, education, values, cognitive/emotional processing, and behavior
  • Modes of Cinematic Expression – film, video, digital production, web streaming and downloading, mobile technology, games, broadcast and cable television, public service announcements, advocacy cinema and emerging alternative media forms and distribution



  • CORE CONSUMERS AND BENEFICIARIES – Researchers, academics, nonprofits/CBOs, foundations, teaching institutions, multimedia producers, artists and studios, public health entities, and community members and activists





Media Production – Creating Socially Transformative Media

CMML is a critical media production resource for entities vested in motivating individuals and inspiring positive social change. It provides in-house production services on CMML sponsored media projects and supports projects in the community technical assistance services.


Technical Assistance/Consulting – Brokering Resources and Building Partnerships 
CMML provides technical assistance by connecting its media production professionals with entities needing assistance in applying best practices during pre-production, production, and distribution.


Academic Seminars and Internships – Advancing the Industry and Empowering Practitioners


CMML develops and provides academic coursework for students and film makers in order to nurture the growth of the socially-conscious change-making media industry and mold its next generation of leaders.


Capacity Building Workshops – Expanding Institutional Capacity

CMML will also be offering workshops to public and private entities desiring to develop or expand their organizational capacity to directly engage in media production.